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Global T20 Canada

Welcome to our world of sports innovation and excellence! At the heart of the Global T20 journey, we’ve fused creativity, design, revenue mastery, and fan passion into a symphony of success. From championship rings to seamless ticketing, we’ve redefined the game. Explore how we’ve elevated Canada’s cricket sensation to legendary heights!

Featured Image Universal Music Group Portfolio featuring Aima Baig & Asim Azhar

Universal Music Group

Dive into a symphony of success! Our masterful strategy produced chart-topping hits like ‘Habibi,’ ‘Bulleya,’ ‘Dard,’ ‘Chand Mahiya,’ and ‘Funkari’ to the forefront, dominating Spotify and YouTube’s trending charts. Witness the brilliance of Pakistan’s premier talents like Asim Azhar and Aima Baig as we redefine the music industry landscape pairing up with Univeral Music Group

Gatorade | Lays | Sting | Pepsi

We’ve channelized our creative genius and cutting-edge design expertise to bestow a majestic aura upon the brand. Our design portfolio boasts illustrious Medals, captivating Master Visuals spanning three seasons, an amazing Intro video, and stadium branding that’s nothing short of legendary


From pioneering Esports events to crafting iconic gaming anthems, our projects redefine the gaming landscape. We introduced the first-ever PUBG competition in collaboration with Sports Board Punjab, propelling Esports’ rise. Plus, we ignited the gaming world with the Free Fire Song and created PUBG’s unforgettable anthem. Explore our gaming innovations

Applied Nutrition

Meet the Power 15! We meticulously handpicked our Ambassadors, influencers who resonate with Applied Nutrition’s audience. With a collective social media following of 19 million, our strategic campaign soared, achieving an astounding 100+ million digital reach, 100K+ profile visits, and 50K+ website visits. Discover the work dynamics behind our success!

Pakistan Sports Awards Trophy

Pakistan Sports Awards

Unlocking the essence of creativity, design, and revenue mastery in the world of sports. Our captivating Intro Kit, Trophy design, and iconic Logo set the stage for greatness. With strategic sponsorships and dynamic advertising across radio, TV, and social media, we elevated Pakistan sports Awards to the next level. Explore the magic!


We partner up with super driven brands from all around the world, crafting stuff that seriously rocks the business scene. 🚀